Line of succession to the former Bulgarian throne

As of July 2020.

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The Bulgarian monarchy was abolished in 1946.[1] The last monarch to reign was Tsar Simeon II, who remains head of the former Bulgarian Royal Family.[2] The law of succession for the dynasty was constitutionally established as Salic primogeniture: only Orthodox males born of approved marriages and descended in the male-line from the first tsar (king) of the Saxe-Coburg line, Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, by seniority of birth with provision for substitution were eligible to occupy Bulgaria’s throne.[2]

After Simeon II’s deposition those who meet the criteria of that order of succession are enumerated as follows:[2]

  • Tsar Simeon II (born 1937)
    • Kardam, Prince of Tarnovo (1962–2015)[3]
      • (1) Boris, Prince of Tarnovo (b. 1997)[3]
      • (2) Prince Beltrán of Bulgaria (b. 1999)
    • (3) Kyril, Prince of Preslav (b. 1964)
      • (4) Prince Tassilo of Bulgaria (b. 2002)
    • (5) Kubrat, Prince of Panagyurishte (b. 1965)
      • (6) Prince Mirko of Bulgaria (b. 1995)
      • (7) Prince Lukás of Bulgaria (b. 1997)
      • (8) Prince Tirso of Bulgaria (b. 2002)
    • (9) Konstantin-Assen, Prince of Vidin (b. 1967)
      • (10) Prince Umberto of Bulgaria (b. 1999)