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He is the 1st or 2nd in the line of succession to the former French throne (Bonapartist).

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Prince Jérôme
Born (1957-01-14) 14 January 1957 (age 63)
Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Licia Innocenti

(m. 2013)

Full name
Jérôme Xavier Marie Joseph Victor
House Bonaparte
Father Louis, Prince Napoléon
Mother Alix de Foresta
Religion Roman Catholicism

Prince Jérôme Xavier Marie Joseph Victor Napoléon (born 14 January 1957 in Boulogne-Billancourt) is second in the line of succession of the pretenders to the Imperial throne of France, which last ruled France in 1870.

Early life and family

Prince Jérôme was born on 14 January 1957 to Prince Louis Napoléon[1] and Alix de Foresta. He is the paternal uncle of the current claimant to the headship of the Bonaparte family, Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon (Napoléon VIII Jean-Christophe). His godfather was Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma.


Prince Jérôme was married on 2 September 2013 to Licia Innocenti (b. Baden, Aargau, 1965) in Vandœuvres, Geneva. They do not have any children and live in Switzerland, where he works as a librarian at the University of Geneva.[citation needed]